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Kelly Addams writes both romance and erotica stories, and often dabbles in the Taboo. Kelly has produced several "series" including the very popular Kelly's Quickies series, 50 short stories that cover a host of different sexual themes (but no taboo content), Alphabet Minis, from Abigail through to Zoe, a naughty story for each name. Kelly particularly enjoys writing erotic fantasy and is working on a series of books that revolve around mythology, so take a look at the Selyna stories, a sexy little minx who is half sensible elf, and half insatiable nymph... how often will her promiscuity land her in trouble as she journeys through a fantasy land toward the Northern Kingdom?

Kelly also enjoys exploring taboo, especially bestiality themes, so if sexy girls getting it on with almost the entire contents of a zoo make your motor run, take a look at her Taboo catalogue of books.

Below you will find two links to her Erotica and Taboo Erotica titles. In the Erotica section you will discover stories of exhibitionism, deviance, lesbian love, adultery, BDSM and much more. In the Taboo section, be warned... you will find Bestiality and a little Incest and Dub-Con.

All of Kelly's stories are for Open Minded 18+ Adults

*Please Note: Some titles are classified as Taboo because of exlicit covers rather than taboo content.

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