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Kay Nyne, as you might guess from her name specialises primarily in Taboo erotica, and has a confirmed taste for stories featuring Bestiality. Recently she has written several stories that can be considered as straight erotica ranging from submissive Japanese girls to slut wives, to pure fantasy with trolls and giant Amazonian spiders.

Below you will find two links to her Erotica and Taboo Erotica titles. In the Erotica section you will discover stories of masochism, submission, fantasy and extreme BDSM. In the Taboo section, be warned... you will find extreme and very kinky Bestiality.

All of Kay's stories are for Open Minded 18+ Adults

*Please Note: Some titles are classified as Taboo because of exlicit covers rather than taboo content.

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Clicking the links above will take you to our Kay Nyne book pages hosted by StreetLib. In order to purchase for the first time you will be asked to create a StreetLib Account... this is normal.


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