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Kerry is beginning a new life with her lesbian lover in South Africa, and a part of her new life is the most unusual of pets. Her partner owns a puppy girl named penny, such a docile and obedient pup. Her own pet is rascal, a male and very willful and energetic, and as a new owner she is still learning what puppy boy ownership entails... but kinky Kerry will soon learn how to keep him obedient!

Rascal's Reward

Travis finds himself the victim of a cruel joke, a rare Amazonian herb has rendered him totally at the mercy of a kinky older woman, his mind is being controlled, and despite being impossibly shy he finds himself doing things he could only imagine in his worst dreams. But Travis has his revenge planned, he has obtained a supply of the herbs, now to have some fun... especially with the spiteful best friends of his ex-girlfriend Claire on his return home!



Warning: Taboo Bestiality Content...


Nigel resents the star of the show, sexy Tori who plays Queen Cleopatra in the theme park where they work. She seems to believe that she really is the queen and that Nigel is really a lowly eunuch. but Tori is in for a shock because her past is about to be revealed, and Nigel is about to discover that she began her career in porn... but not the kind of porn any girl would willingly admit to

Peninah's Passion

Everyone has a past...But what happens when you hide that past from your husband?
What happens when you deny your deepest desires?
What happens when those desires are revealed by an assassin?

Alex Longdon: is a broken man, a man in disgrace - his only salvation: Peninah.
Peninah Longdon: young, beautiful, faithful and loving. The perfect wife. But Peninah has a past, and harbours desires that she has buried deep inside, terrified that her dependable but unadventurous husband could never understand. Secrets and temptations that lie safely dormant until she find herself in the cross-hairs of an assassins rifle, and her life and past begin to spiral out of control. Secrets revealed, mistakes punished, fetish revisited; as the hunted couple fight to stay one step ahead of a ruthless cartel.
Will their love survive?
Can they survive?
Follow Alex and Peninah in a battle to stay alive, and in love, as their adventure races from southern Spain to the heart of Africa.

Breeders - Alien Abduction

Hiker Ashley is feeling kinky! Out on the moors she needs to pee, and the thrill of squatting in public has really turned her on, but she is sure that no-one has seen her! Little does she know that she is being observed, but not from the bushes, her voyeur is hovering just below the clouds, and he has big plans for Ash, because he is running an inter species breeding project!

Caution: This story contains explicit sex with Aliens and Bestiality.

The Storm

Anna is home alone during a storm, her step-father should have been home hours before and she is growing worried, the power cuts and she is in darkness, she has to find him, she has to walk into the storm... at least as far as the road, just in case there is some news. But Anna never reaches the road, she finds her step-father drenched and freezing, she has to get him home, and dry, and warm... but things don't work out exactly as she expects when she starts to rub him dry!

Hypno Hound

Destiny doesn't realise how much she resents her husband Richard, she also fails to understand how many kinky desires she has tucked away in her subconscious mind, she has been denying herself... that is until she finds herself pushed into sitting through a hypnotist's show at the local fair. It's all fake of course, and she could never be influenced by such garbage, but the hypnotist with the unlike stage name of Hypno Hound seems to know a great deal about her... facts that no other living person could possibly know... he appears to know her deepest and dirtiest desires, and more disturbing than that, he begins to turn them from fantasy into kinky reality!

Caution: This story features bestiality content!

Kelly Addams          Angelina Jolly          Beth Kean         Chuck James          P.M. Oliver


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