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Disclaimer: Be Advised, some of the ebooks featured on this site contain content considered taboo by many (zoo erotica, incest, non-con and dub-con, nudity etc)    Enter at your own risk!

Our Authors

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Here you will find the widest range of erotica and romance, from safe and sweet right through to hardcore bdsm and deviant kink - But every title has been published on Amazon, and so remains within accepted limits of decency.

Here you can download kinky stories for FREE, but be warned, some are safe... some are Taboo.

Enter here only if you are open minded! Here you will find stories that will definitely never appear on Amazon, featuring the taboo and twisted side of sexuality (Bestiality, Incest, Pseudo-Incest, Dubious Consent and Non Consent... Plus Explicit Nudes)

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